Female Education in Bangladesh

Female education in Bangladesh has now become a burning question. We are now the citizens of a civilized world. A nation can be powerful by educating all of her citizens. If the female education is neglected the nation will not prosper. The woman of the civilized countries like the Malaisiya, Singapore, USA, England proved the activities by joining in the fields of arts, science and even in the field of military. Men and women are dependent on each other in human society.

The progress of a country fully depends on educated people. So, we should take all possible care for the female education. There are some people in the society who go against the female education. According to their opinion, if a woman is educated, she will not care for domestic affairs. So, peace and happiness may hamper in the society. But it is true that for the sake of happiness, educated woman is a must in the society. An educated mother is a blessing for a family. She can rightly take care of her children. An educated woman can realize the necessity of her children’s education. Napoleon rightly said, ‘one hundred educated mothers is more powerful than one hundred soldier.’

In fact, female education is very essential in our country and without female education we cannot prosper properly. To remove illiteracy from the country woman should be given proper education. So, we as well as the government should take proper steps to improve female education.