Solomon was puzzled for a time.

Re-arrange the following sentences in correct order:-

  1. Solomon was puzzled for a time.
  2. Everyone has heard the name of Solomon, the King of the Jews, who was famous all over the world for this wealth and wisdom.
  3. Attracted by such reports, she came to test the King.
  4. The Queen of Sheba has heard much about Solomon’s court and wisdom.
  5.  The Queen was surprised and went away admiring the King’s wisdom.
  6. He asked the windows to be opened.
  7. She placed them before the King to take the natural one.
  8. The bees came in and settled on the natural one.
  9. She brought with her two garlands of flowers-one natural and the other artificial.
  10. Pondering, he noticed some bees humming for honey in the withered rose.
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