She saw a box marked half a crown.

    Read the jumbled sentences and re-arrange them into a cohesive paragraph.

    1. She saw a box marked half a crown.
    2. She was not permitted to exceed it.
    3. But her governess said, ”No, you see the princess has not the money and so of course, she can’t buy the box.”
    4.  She considered that the box would be the most appropriate gift for him.
    5. Queen Victoria, when a little girl was taught economical habits by her governess.
    6.  Once at a market at Wales, she has spent all her money in buying a number of presents for relatives and friends.
    7. The princess had a fixed allowance for pocket money.
    8. The people in the shop wanted to enclose the box with the other articles.
    9. But alas! She had no money.
    10. As she was leaving, remembered another cousin for whom she did not buy any present.