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Flood Situation Worsens

Staff Correspondent:

Flood situation has deteriorated in Khaliajury Upazela in Netrakona as 15,000 people have been marooned and 20,000 hectares of Boro crops damaged.

Floodwater damaged 15,000 hectares of Boro crops at Baghatia, Gondamara, Nagor Ballobpur and Jagannathpur haor in Khaliajuri.

A 10 Kilometer portion of Jatrabari flood protection embankment had washed away by floodwater.

Water Development Board sources said the water level of the rivers Kongsha, Dhonu and Ubdakhali rose sharply.

As more people have been flood affected, shortage of drinking water and food has become acute. Different water-borne diseases have spread among the flood victims.

Government relief has yet to reach the flood affected areas. A number of local NGOs and some charity organizations are conducting limited-scale relief activities. But it is very inadequate for the victims.

If relief is not distributed among the affected, people have to starve. Oral saline and medicines have become a must for the patients. Doctors say if saline and medicines are not distributed immediately, epidemic may strike the flood affected areas.