Recurrent quakes in recent years have alarmed the people of Bangladesh. Now make a report showing the possibility of the major quake.

Bangladesh runs high quake risk

Staff Correspondent:

Bangladesh faces a high risk of moderator to strong earthquakes that may result in widespread damage and loss of thousands of lives, said experts.

The observatory at Bangladesh University of Engineering and technology (BUET) recorded 86 tremors of over 4 magnitude from January 2006 to May 2009. Another four earthquakes took place with magnitude of over 5 during that period.

Expert says that it is these minor tremors that indicate the possibility of much more powerful earthquakes hitting the country.

According to a seismic zoning map prepared by the BUET, 43 percent areas in Bangladesh are rated high risk, 41 percent are moderate and 16 percent are low, said Prof Mehdi Ahmed Ansari.

The map, which is being drawn up under the supervision of Prof Ansari with findings provided by the science and information and communications technology ministry, divides the country into three earthquake vulnerability zones.

ASM Maksud Kamal, an expert on earthquake and tsunami preparedness, said fore sources of earthquake in the Bay of Bengal are active and can generate tsunami too.