Crop lands have gone under water due to heavy rainfall in Moulvibazar. Now makes a report on it.

 Boro on vast areas submerges under water

Staff correspondent, Moulvibazar:

About two-third of the standing boro crops in Kawadighi and Korayer haor areas under Rajnagar upazila of Moulvibazar district have gone under water due to heavy rainfall  and onrush of water from hills across the border.

Farmers in the affected areas are cutting unripe boro, fearing further loss as water levels in the haors continue to rise, inundating new crop lands.

The affected areas of Kawadighi Haor are Harirkun, Kashimpur, Pealarkande, Rangadhibi, Rokkharban, Jainerghup, Alirghup,Niamaterban, Kushuabil, Bhubannacha, Boroiuri and Ulauli.

The areas under Korayer Haor are Kanarchak, Tarapasha. Khas Premnagar, Shahidnagar and Brahmangaon. Three pump machines which are installed at Kashimpur to pump water out of kawadighi Haor still remain inoperative as Monday night’s storm damaged the power supply lines. When contacted, Rajnagar Upazila Agrculture Officer Abul Kalam Chowdhury said that boro on 1605 acres of land in Kawasighi Haor areas and on 988 acres in Karayer Haor areas had gone under water. Boro in some of the submerged Kawadighi Haor areas had become ripe and farmers are cutting the crop to avoid further loss, he added.

 Sirajul Islam Chowdhury, executive Engineer of the PDB Moulvibazar office, said”PDB workers are working round the clock to restore power.”