Suppose you are Amin. Recently a fair was held in the village. Now write a report on it.

    A joyful village fair.

    Amin, Faridpur, February 1, 2008:

    The age long traditional Baishakhi Mela in Rasulpur was held yesterday with all its characteristic joviality and spontaneous rhythm.

    The fair took place under the country old banyan tree. Traders and craftsman gathered there with their whole stock of sales. Magicians, snake charmers and sweet makers also appeared and stayed in their tents at the fair place. Artisans came with their flying kites, pottery and toys. However,at th midday,the fair was ready to be celebrated and merry markers started coming in flocks just when the sun leaned over the west. The place assumed a huge festivity at the evening. Men, women and children came and cheered with joy. Even the aged came to feel the thrill. Flutes were played on,kites flew up in the sky. People enjoyed cakes and sweetmeats.Also they bought many household accessories such as earthen pitchers, plates, lamps ticks, bowls and so forth. The magicians played amazing tricks and the snake charmers charmed the snake as well as the viewers with their fearless skill. At the evening,the fair was a colorful pilgrimage crisscrossed with lights and shadows. It looked sad after the hours of enjoyments and thrill.