Suppose you are Rodela, a newspaper reporter. Now write a report on the bad condition of road in your district Kurigram.

Road in deplorable condition

Kurigram Correspondent:

Kurigram, 30 October 2017:

Deplorable condition of roads in Kurigram,is a threat for the bus passengers.

Kurigram is a small town having an area of 26 kilometers.It is a new town.At least thirty thousands people live in the town. But the condition of the roads here is so bad that it is very difficult to drive vehicles on them. There are a few metaled roads which are broken in most places. Holes have been created at some places. Owing to the bad condition of the roads,accidents take place very frequently. By this time,ten to fifteen persons both male and child have been killed in accidents.School and college going students face a great problem. They cannot reach their institution in time.

Repairing works are immediately needed. The road and communication department needs to look into the matter and take immediate steps to repair and reconstruct the roads and remove the sufferings of the people.