Write a report on fresh violence in which Israeli air attacks in Gaza that has killed at least eight persons.

Eight people killed by Israeli air attack in Gaza

Foreign Desk, 27 May, 2009:

In Gaza fresh attacks by Israeli planes have killed at least eight people. This attack was in pursuance of a decision by the Israel’s Security Council of Ministers to enhance operation against the Hamas guerrillas. Green signal was given to the Israeli army by the council in this regard.

Hospital sources said at least 12 people were killed in an air raid over the house of Hamas leader and Palestine parliament member Khalil al Haya. In another air attack on Sunday on a steel mill in Gaza, at least one man was killed and three other were injured.

In a statement, The State department from the White House has warned the Israeli army to show tolerance and asked the Hamas militants to refine from attacking Israeli targets.

The Palestinian Prime Minister and Hamas leader Ismaili Hania has condemned the Jews against attacks on a Parliament member. The Palestine President Mahmud Abbas has also expressed his concern over Israel’s attack in Gaza on innocent civilians.