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Sirajganj in grip of diarrhea

Staff Correspondent

Sirajganj,April 26: Twelve people including three children died and 2 thousand people of Sirajganj in grip of diarrhea. People were attacked with diarrhea in Sirajganj pourashava  and adjacent areas. The badly affected areas were Salanga , Raiganj, Tarash, and Balcochi of Sirajganj thana. The dead persons were identified as Rakib(12), Pakhi(11), Choyti(10) and Adnan babu(14) . It is alleged that the diarrhea patients coming to Sirajganj health complex went back home without treatment because of inadequte bed facilities. The officials said that steps have been taken to bring diarrhea under control. But the affected people alleged that shortage of saline and medicine has been prevailing since the outbreak of the disease one week ago.

Taking adulterated food and impure water are the main reasons behind the outbreak of the disease. Lack of sewage system and hundreds of kutcha latrines in Sirajganj and it suburbs is another reason.

The people have urged the concerned authorities to take necessary steps before things go out of control.