Prepare a report on a “Debate Competition” held in your school with the help of the following information : (i) Date and Time. (ii) Selection of the Speakers. (iii) The motion of the debate. (iv) Participants for and against the motion. (v) Highly appreciated by the audience. (vi) Mothers put to vote. (vii) Conclusion.

A Report on Debate Competition

An inter-school Debate Competition was held at our school premises on 5th June, 2014 at 10 a.m. on the occasion of World Environment Day. Students from Dagaon Jatiya Vidyalay and Juria Girls’ High School also took part in the competition. Mr XYZ, an assistant teacher of our school anchored the competition. He selected the participants and set the motion of the debate – “Use of polythene bags should be avoided”. Some participants argued for the motion and some against the motion. The audience highly appreciated the debate. At the end of debate, the mothers of the students were put to vote. The team led by Md ABC of Kandhulimari Serajia High School won the debate competiton.