Write a report on Massive Fire in a Garment Factory
A Garment Factory Caught in Fire in Savar
Sujon Ahmed, Savar, 10 January: A devastating fire broke out in a garment factory unit of the Hamim group at Ashulia, Savar leaving at least 120 workers and employees dead. The cause of the fire is shrouded with mystery.
Smoke engulfed the whole building as a result of which the people inside the building could not come out of the building in spite of their best efforts. The Fire Brigade and Civil Defense rushed to the spot immediately to extinguish fire. The Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force also sent their personnel and helicopters to rescue the people. Even the people of all walks of life joined the rescue operation spontaneously.
After working hard for nearly 8 hours, the Fire Brigade and Civil Defense in collaboration with other agencies succeeded in extinguishing fire. The fire claimed 31 lives and left many others injured. The wounded were admitted into different hospitals and clinics of the city.
The government has already formed a 3-member inquiry committee to find out the cause of the fire.