I plan to + (Present form of verb)

    ♦ Plan to describes something that you would like to do in the near future.


    1. I plan to find a new apartment.
    2. I plan to relax on vacation.
    3. I plan to surprise my parents.
    4. I plan to wash my car.
    5. I plan to adopt a child.
    6. I plan to impress my boss.
    7. I plan to watch a movie.
    8. I plan to save more money.
    9. I plan to read a book.
    10. I plan to learn new things.

    ► Now try to make sentences by using the below structure for He, She, We, They, John, Alice etc.

    Structure: Subject + plan to + verb(present form) + object

    1. He plans to avoid smoking.
    2. Jamal plans to open an account in the bank.
    3. They plan to leave the country.
    4. She plans to learn dance.