It is a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone Suddenly, I heard...................................

TITLE: Mental Disorder or a Lady

It is a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone Suddenly, I heard the sound of fearful laugh from a nearby hut beside a slum. I approached following the sound. There I found that an abnormal lady was laughing beside fire and she was attempting to burn herself on fire.

Immediately, I called some slum dwellers to save the lady. They came and we altogether rescue her. But she was grunting and groaning. She like a mad was throwing the things toward us. But we patiently stopped her. Then she was crying and looking at us angrily.

I asked neighbor, Jamila, “What has happened to her?” Jamila said, “She lost her only earning son a week ago in a street accident” I asked, “Does not she have anyone who can support her mentally?” Jamila said, “No, she also lost her husband a year ago. Now, for two days she is behaving abnormally.” I also heard that she did not eat anything for two days and horribly sick. Then I consulted with the neighbors and took her to nearby mental hospital accompanied by a male neighbor. Going there, I talked to a doctor about the incident and the consequent symptoms. Then I admitted her into the hospital without any delay. At last I came home with a melancholic mood.