A hungry fox sees a crow with a piece of bread – wishes to take the piece of bread – hits upon a plan – praises the crow – sweet voice – persuades to sing – piece of bread falls – the fox takes it up – goes away.

TITLE : The Cunning Fox and the Stupid Crow

One day, a hungry fox was wandering in search of food. It hadn’t eaten anything since the past three days. Suddenly, it caught sight of a crow with  piece of bread/meat in its beak. It wished to have the piece of bread/meat. It hit upon a plan. It praised the crow saying that it had a sweet voice. It persuaded the crow to sing a song. As soon as the crow opened its beak to sing, the piece of bread/meatfell down on the ground. The fox took/picked it up and went/walked away merrily.

Moral : Never believe a stranger fully.