Function of Computer

Write a summary of the following passage  (Max 5-6 Sentence) 

Computer is fairly recent invention . It has now become an essential part of modern life . it has greatly benefited us and brought about revolutionary changes in our life . Any device that helps people perform  mathematical calculation may be called a computer . Today , however , the term computers  refers to a special kind of electronic machine that can perform mathematical calculations and process large message of information at a great speed . In a few minutes a computer can perform calculations that trained mathematicians would need years to complete , it can not only solve complex mathematical  problems quickly and accurately , but also perform many operations at the same time without any confusion  . The computer promises to free men from monotonous and routine tasks . Now a days , the computer has become very sophisticated and can perform many complicated tasks. It can run a business, play chess or even compose music. This is why many people call the computer an electronic brain.

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