Change in Life

    Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6 sentences).

    Change is life, change in progress, change is culture and civilization, while stagnation is the arrest of development, is nothing but decay, death and destruction. Nothing great in the world is static. Evolution or revolution is the law of nature; it is at the root of all progress. Time has always been on the move and there are ups and downs, rises and falls of human civilization, human culture and there is development in man’s tasks and zest , inclination and motives, liking and disliking. In human institutions, rise and fall take place and old orders rules and regulations systems yield to new conditions and demands. If there were no change, our life would be dull and meaningless. Our life is livable, romantic and desirable only because of change and alteration, modification, newness and novelty. And because of the teste and zest motives and inclinations, we have seen kingdoms and democratic states, capitalism, socialism, nationalism and internationalism. To speak bluntly, the secret of a nation’s strength rests basically on its capacity for change and readjustment.