Good Manners

Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6 sentences ).

Good manners form an important part of our education. Man’s education remains incomplete if he does not learn good manners. In our behavior with others we must show proper respect to them. We should have a sense of propriety in our conduct with others. We should show respect to our superiors and civility to our inferiors and equalas. A sense of propriety is necessary for a cultured and disciplined society. Again, good manners cost us nothing; they are very often the result of good sense and good nature.

There is no fixed standard of manners. Manners  very  from one country to another. What is regarded as good manners in our country may not be so in others countries. To shake one by the hand is common in western countries but it is not so in the East. Similarly, smoking before superiors is frowned upon  in our country but it is not so in the West.

Manners should be learned in childhood at home. Childhood is the best time when good manners can be best learnt and home is the place where manners can be best imbibed.  Though good breeding and good manners do not mean the same thing, yet good breeding helps men acquire good manners. The influence of parents and superiors is the most decisive in this respect.

The importance of good manners in life is great indeed. Good manners win love and respect for a man and help him in life. Everyone likes a man of good manners and is glad to help him. Really a man of good manners is gentleman in the true sense of the term

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