Aim of Education

Write a summary of the following passage (Max 5-6 sentences).

The aim of education is to make a man fully equipped to be useful to himself and to the society. It is to develop ‘ the whole man ‘ – his body, mind and soul together. Education aims at providing a child with opportunities to bring out all the latent talents that is possesses. A truly educated person should be self- reliant with regret to his personal needs . He should be well –mannered, thoughtful, creative, kind, respectful, sympathetic and co-operative. It is by cultivating these virtues that a human being transcends all limitation of life imposes upon him and becomes the most signified  creation of god. If, at the distress and suffering of a fellow human being, your love and sympathy or such other human feelings are not roused. If you do not feel anguished in your heard and do not feel an urge to try to alleviate the sufferings of these human beings, you have not been properly educated. A person who has acquired knowledge and skill for material development alone is also not fully educated. A good education should aim at developing not only the mind but also the soul.

Strictly speaking, however, education is not confined to schools, colleges, and universities only. The family, the society and the whole world at large educate us. What we learn by experience in our practical life is no less important than what we learn from schools and colleges formally. Education is a life – long process. It being at birth and ends only at death. We continue to learn as long as we life.

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