Self Reliance

    Write a summary of the following passage(Max5-6sentences).

    Self-reliance is the pilgrim’s best staff, the worker’s best tool. It is the master key that unlocks all the difficulties of life. “Help yourself and heaven will help you “ is a maxim which receives daily conformation. Help from within always strengthens; but help from without invariably weakens the recipient. The habit of depending on others tends to weaken the intellectual faculties and paralyses the judgment. The struggle against adverse circumstances on the contrary, a strengthening effect, like of the pure mountain air on any enfeebled frame. This is lesson which is not taught in the schools a days. This vice of the modern system of education is that it lays down too many royal roads to knowledge . The difficulties which formerly compelled a student to think and labour for himself are now most carefully removed. The race of through and complete scholars is dying out. Our young men are equipped to such an extent with manual that explain every thing and guides that go everywhere, that they find no occasion for through. Why do you take any trouble at all when so many are willing to relieve you of it?