Flood: A Natural Calamity

    Write a summary of the following passage.

    Flood is a devastating natural calamity. It occurs almost every year in Bangladesh. Flood is caused by the sudden increase of water in the rivers and by heavy rainfall or by melting of snow from the Himalayas. The effects and havocs of flood are very great and harmful. Crops worth crores of taka are destroyed usually because of flood. Thousands of people become homeless. It carries away a large number of valuable lives. The sufferings of flood stricken people beggar description. Dams and embankments are destroyed. We still remember with horror the floods and tidal bores of 1970. In the year 1985 we also had a devastating flood. The flood of 1988 came with a bitter chapter causing a great damage to our life and property. This flood broke all the previous records. Not even a single village escaped from the devastation of this serious monster. After flood, the affected people pass unhealthy life. Famine visits the country. Many epidemic disease brakes out and many people die for want of proper food, medicine and sanitation. Yet flood brings some benefits too. Floods sweep away all dirty things. Alluvial soil gathers on the lands by the river side. Dredging of the silted rivers and construction of dams are major means of controlling flood. Relief squads from government or private organizations rush to the flood affected areas with food, clothes, materials for houses, medicine, etc.