Various Aspects of Education

Write a summary of the following passage.

Education means to change the behavior of human nature. So we receive education in order to adapt ourselves to the new and changing situation. The purpose of education is to energies our mind so that we can enable them to draw conclusion, make judgment and decision. It is not only given in schools, colleges and Universities. Abraham Lincoln spent less than a year at school, yet he was the author of the great Gettysburg speech. Nature is the best master. The school of experience is the most effective way of teaching is to make students learn to use their senses properly.

Education doesn’t commence with alphabet. It begins with the mother’s encouraging look, the father’s praising word and approval, the sister’s sympathy, the brother’s kindly help, with the flowers that one picks up in the gardens and fields, with the birds that one watches in meadows and groves. The child must be taught to feel, to observe and receive impressions. In this way minds are opened out, and ready to receive, absorb and remember. The mind that is both alert and sensitive will learn easily and quickly from all kind s of experience, whether from life or from bools. This is the wat in which Shakespeare taught himself to be the greatest dramatist of the world. Secondly, to teach the child its mother tongue makes the students understand, to speak, read and write his mother tongue. In this was we will be more receptive and will be made active.

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