Importance of Poetry

    Write a summary of the following passage:

    Poetry can open our eyes to new ways of looking at experiences, emotions, people everyday objects and more. It takes us on voyages with poetic devices such as an imagery, metaphor, rhythm and rhyme. The poet shares ideas with readers and listeners; readers and listeners share ideas with each other. And anyone can be of this exchange. All though poetry is, perhaps wrongly, often seen as an exclusive domain of a cultured minority, many writers and readers of poetry oppose this stereotype. There will, likely always, be debates about how transparent, how easy to understand, poetry should be, and much poetry, by its very nature, will be esoteric. But there’s no reason to keep it out of reach. Today’s must honored poets embrace the idea that poetry should be accessible to everyone; many of the top proponents of poetry accessibility are poet laureates; and the position of poet laureate comes with the mandate to bring poetry to the people.

    Ted Kooser is one of those poets. He writes about such so called ordinary things and cows, stars, screen doors and satellite dishes. His called an archeologist of poets, because when he writes about everyday objects he reconstructs the lives of the people who have owned or used them. He says the poet’s job is to put a telescope up to the ordinary world and give it back to the reader to look through.