Behavioral Pattern of the British

Write a summary of the following passage.

The British have a reputation for keeping their emotions private and for being reserved in their public behavior. There are some obvious things that people from overseas notice in British behavior. For example, on public transport, people do not usually talk to other passengers. On Meeting, people do not embrace and often simply shake hands on a first introduction. In theatres, concert halls cinemas, audiences are quite during performance and reactions are often restrained. Noun of these behavior traits, however, need to be interpreted by visitors as unfriendliness and in general, if a visitor makes the first move to start a conversation, they will find that British people are friendly and very considerate. On the other hand, some aspects of British behavior might seem too informal for foreigners. An example is the informal use of first names among staff holding different status at work. Although it would be a blasphemy for a student to call his/her teachers by their first names in Bangladesh, it is quite common in British colleges and Universities.

Britain lies in the temperate region. In winter, it is very cold and windy. You should carry warm clothes with you. Moreover, there are a number of significant differences in norms and behavior.

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