The Impact of Hartal

Write a summary of the following passage.

Hartal is a very common phenomenon to us. We have become used to it. It is a political right of the political parties to observe it to compel the Government to meet their demands. In British India the political parties observed hartal or ‘Bandh’ throughout India to express their demands to the ruling British regime. Then, during the Pakistani rule hartal was observed by the people of the then East Pakistan to compel the Pakistani government to meet their demands. During the hartal period, The country becomes lifeless. All means of transport go off the road. Shops and commercial enterprises are closed down. Industries stop their work. There are processions in favor of the hartal on the previous evening. On the hartal day, picketers are active on important points. There are chases and counter chases between the rival groups. Attendance in offices is very few. In a word, all hectic activities of the day come to a standstill. The police are deployed on important points throughout cities or towns. Often clashes take place between the police and the picketers. Deaths also occur as a result of clashes. The economy of the country suffers greatly during hartal. The sufferings of the people know no bounds. Hartals must have a reasonable fooling. Concerned parties should apply this right after cool reasoning for the greater welfare of the people but no for narrow selfish political ends.

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