Garments Industries

Write a summary of the following passage.

Over the last ten years or so, the garments industries have emerged as the largest sector as the source of earning foreign currency. Hundreds of garments factories have been set up throughout the country in the resent years which have immensely contributed to the economy. The prime reason why garments industries have come out to be the champion in the field of export is certainly “cheap laboas”. Labour is not as cheap anywhere in the world. And what is noteworthy is that the women constitute the bulk of the working force in these garments factories as they are relatively cheaper than the men. The most remarkable characteristic of the garments industries are the revolutionary change it has bright in the lives of thousands of poor women across the country. Women whose only alternative of earning was confined to the household work of domestic servant. Suddenly found a new way of earning and becoming financially independent. A job at a garments factories may mean long hours and not free meals but this has not prevented thousands of women from work. These women have little or no education to work in these industries. A job at garments factories gives. A women not only a steady income but also independence and dignity. The fact is that the scenario has changed a lot. The work is above ten hours a day very often without any weekly holiday, sometimes with a monthly salary taka 700. But still most of the women working here are happy of the fact that they can earn their own living and manage their family.

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