Brain Drain

Write a summary of the following passage.

Brain drain refers of the tendency among our skilled and educated people to leave the country in search of better employment and opportunities. This is a loss to a country like Bangladesh where there is scarcity of skilled and talented people. Every year many skilled people like doctors, engineers, teachers and skilled laborers leave our country and are settled in the developed countries because those countries offers higher salary and excellent living conditions and other facilities for them.

However, I cannot call it brain drain when some meritorious students go abroad for higher studies. It is brain drain when they live there permanently because the country is deprived for their services. The services of these meritorious students and skilled people are much required for a country like ours. If they serve their own country, their country’s economic condition will be improved. It is a great loss of this country because the country misses their services. There is another side it this matter. The country spends a lot of money on the education of a person. If he goes away the country does not get any benefit from the investment. Rather the foreign countries get the benefit. We need qualified teachers, doctors and engineers in the country.

However, there are many reasons for which the talented people leave the country. The first and foremost reasoned is the allurement which the developed country’s offer. There are other reasons too. Our country’s sometime fails to offer them suitable jobs and scopes. The salary is generally poor. Housing is a great problem. Often the security of life is not guaranteed. Some find their merit not recognized at home. As a result, many skilled people leave their motherland and go abroad where they can use their full merit and talent. It is really unfortunate that we cannot utilize our own people when other countries got benefit from them. So necessary steps should be taken to stop this tendency.

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