Those Days are gone by

    Write a summary of the following passage.

    There have been significant changes in the types of entertainment over time. Many of these no longer exist. Even if they do, people keep looking for newer forms of entertainment. Thus snake charming, puppet shows, jatra, jarigan, sarigan and kabigan which were common forms of entertainment in the past, have almost lost their appeal. Radio, which used to be a good source of entertainment in the past, is now giving place to television and to satellite channels in particular. The entertainment business, like other spheres of life is getting westerninsed day by day. Folk music or palligeeti is now sung with western instrument. At the same time, modern music is now fusing melodious from folk and traditional songs. In general, band and pop music is becoming more and more popular, particularly among the young generation.

    Sport has become a great source of entertainment today. Football, which used to be the most popular spectator sport in Bangladesh, is gradually being replaced by cricket as a popular form of sports entertainment.