common question

Rule : Restaurant Questions and answers

1. What would you like to drink?

  • Iced tea, please.

  • Just water for me.

  • What do you have?

  • Could we see the wine list?

  • Nothing for me, thanks.

2. Are you ready to order?

     To “order” means to ask the waiter/waitress for the food you want to eat.

  • Not quite – I think we need a little more time.

  • What are the specials today?
    “Specials” are featured dishes that might also have a discount.

  • Yes, I’ll have a Caesar salad and then the baked chicken with potatoes.
    The most common way to order food is to say “I’ll have…”

  • Uh-huh. To start off, we’ll split an order of nachos.
    “To start off” means you are ordering an appetizer (small amount of food eaten before the main meal). “Split” means that two or more people will share/divide one order of food.

  • Almost – I just have a couple of questions.

3. Is everything OK?

     While you are eating, the waiter/waitress will often come to your table and ask this question to check if you need anything.

  • Yes, everything’s fine, thanks.

  • It’s all delicious!

  • Could we have some more water, please?
    “Could we have…” is a polite way to ask for something.

  • Actually, I’m still waiting for my side dish.
    A “side dish” is a small portion of food that accompanies the main meal.

  • To be honest, my food is kinda cold. Could you heat it up?
    “To be honest…” is a diplomatic way to introduce a complaint or negative comment.

4. Can I get you anything else?

      The waiter/waitress will probably ask you this after you have finished eating.

  • Two decaf coffees, please.
    “Decaf coffee” is coffee with no caffeine.

  • Just the check, please.
    The “check” is the list of items and the total price to pay.

  • Could I have a look at the dessert menu?

  • I’ll have a slice of apple pie.
    A “slice” is a single piece of a pie, cake, or pizza.

  • No thanks – I think we’re just about done.